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Competitive Rates and No Hidden Fees

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Friendly and professional service any time

Nobody likes to be stuck on the road, but the unexpected often happens and when it does knowing you have a reliable towing service by your side makes things a little easier.


When you call Richard's Towing, you know you're getting drivers with experience. But, you're also getting drivers with a friendly attitude who will make you feel secure in an often-scary situation.

No matter the problem, you can count on us

Reliability is the name of our game. Whether you've been in a small accident, a major accident, or your car has just given out for no apparent reason, you can depend on the professionals at Richard's Towing.

What you'll get when you need us

• Wrecker service

• Light duty and heavy duty towing

• Flatbed towing

• High traffic towing

Who we are and what we do for you

Get to know the company that rescues you when you're on the road. When you learn more about us, you'll feel more secure in our services and how we can help you day or night.

Call us

We'll find you

We'll assess the situation

We'll tow you


Fast, friendly, and dependable service!


Give us a call when the unexpected happens on the road!

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